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Leaflets - folded

Folded leaflets make great mini brochures. Imagine the world before some clever Henry invented folding. Well, if you’ve got more to say than you can fit on a leaflet, get a bigger leaflet and fold it. You will find it simple to create tri-fold marketing brochures, pamphlets and other company brochures in our user- friendly website.

They’re easier to handle, cheaper than a booklet and cheaper to mail out. Whether they’re being popped through letter boxes, inserted into newspapers, posted out or propped up on the counter – leaflets look great in glorious full colour and are incredibly low cost.

Product List
Accordion Brochures

Ideal for Take-out Menu 11 x 17" Accordion Fold (4 Panels)

Gate-fold Brochures

These brochures are usually large and costly, so they are intended for high-impacting marketing.

Z- Fold Brochures

This is the alternative to tri-fold brochures. They are very similar in terms of cost and in the impact they have.

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