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Credit Cards

 As far back as the late 1800s, consumers and merchants exchanged goods through the concept of credit, using credit coins and charge plates as currency.  It wasn't until about half a century ago that plastic payments as we know them today became a way of life.

While the plastic card has been the standard for a half century, recent developments show alternative forms of payment rising to prominence, from online services such as PayPal to credit card keyfobs to chips that can be implanted into cell phones or other devices.

But with the sheer volume of devices in use around America whose sole purpose is to read a flat piece of plastic with a magnetic stripe, the "card" in "credit card" is unlikely to pass from the scene any time soon.







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PrePaid and Debit Cards

Prepaid and debit cards offer the convenience of a card without the hurdle of a credit check. 

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance Transfer credit cards are ideal for debt consolidation

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